Hello, my name is Max. I recently rebuilt a friendship with my best friend whom I’m also in love with. We’re both bisexual and I love him so much. He went through phases of no communication with me, to wanting to be friends, to straight up being in love with me. Since going to his hometown and not leaving until we were talking again, we have reestablished our commitment towards each other, he however has a girlfriend (whom I can’t stand) and claims to have never had feelings for me (which makes me roll my eyes). He has proven time and time again since restarting our friendship that he wants to be in my life and wants me in his. However, my OCD keeps fixating on losing him again and my anger that he is not my boyfriend. I got that I’m angry that he doesn’t want to be with me, and at the same time over the moon excited that I have my best friend. How do I deal with this because I feel so trapped at times.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • ToeKnee


    Distance might be best. I'm falling for someone and I know everyone o fall for ruin my friendships with them so it might be best that we put distance Bergen us and our fixations.

  • loveshespoke


    Let yourself be angry, and let that anger remind you that you deserve more. Let it protect you. Step away now, and give yourself the chance of love and fulfillment somewhere else down the road later

    • DCLovesATL


      I got that and I was ten times more miserable without my best friend. I’m smiling and happy for the first time in two years because he’s back in my life. And I have moments where im not okay. Im more so looking for advice to cope and take care of myself when im upset.

  • XeWrent


    Everyone here is giving great advice . I had a somewhat similar situation where I was in love with a friend who only wanted platonic love.

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