I’ve been depressed for years . I’m tired of the cycle. I’m so alone and I feel so empty. I’ve lost my appetite and don’t plan on forcing it. I’m losing my motivation. I feel so defeated. I wish people would just speak to me and hang out with me and love Me. But it’s like there is something wrong with me. Something so vile and ugly that no one wants to be around. I’m sitting in this room by myself and all I can think about is …


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  • PorcelainKat


    I've felt this way so many times. Getting stuck in a spiral of hating myself, because I feel like it's my fault I'm alone. And that's partially true. But that's because I've had shit people in my life, who don't stick around for long, either because of my ND, mental health, or physical health. But it's nice to try being my whole self, even in during those really dark moments. I promise, there isn't anything wrong with you, or "vile" or "ugly." It's that the right people haven't come into your life. The ones that see you're worth sticking around for. I haven't found them either, but I know they're out thereIf you need to talk to somebody, I'm here if you send a PM.

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