Recent decision to stop gluten in my diet due to uncontrolled IBS-D and reflux and daily abdominal pain.


Non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)

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  • Osnapitzkat


    I have Been off gluten for three years and it was honestly so worth it. Before I could barely eat and when I did I’d het so nauseous. A gluten free diet has really helped with my IBS.

  • Magpie42


    Going gluten free was a life saver. Prior to it, I was being hospitalized 1-2 times a year with colitis. It is challenging at first but it can be fantastic for gut health.

    • Osnapitzkat


      I agree! Quitting gluten Saved me.

  • Bruxine


    Yes! Gluten sensitivities here 🤚🏻 Also as a mast cell patient (a type of overactive allergic type gut for one of symptoms) recently saw the allergist & they prescribed a gut antihistamine it has been a game changer. Pepcid 20mg 2 x a day OTC. I’m wishing I met with him sooner!

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