I cannot do this. For the past 15 years I thought my health problems would resolve. Today I got two more huge diagnoses on top of my already long list. I want to have a career and I start college in a week. My time and energy is already allocated to my illnesses. I just want to do normal things now. I’ve done nothing with my life for the past 15 years because that’s what my body demanded, but I want to have fun now. I want to meet people and be in a relationship, I want a job, I want to learn. Bleh

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Pain

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System


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  • Sissy2


    I know how your medical issues can keep you from doing things you want to do . I’m already old and have had a life before getting all these issues and losing my husband . I know I am blessed to have had a full life before I’m 62 now and sometimes feel 10 years older even though I look younger.

  • PiscesFurMama


    Sending love ❤️, I don't have any advice bc I'm going through very similar stuff, and the weight of having to wake up every day hurting and only having a finite amount of energy, and having to explain to everyone constantly that the doctors cant just fix me, and that yes it's permanent, and the feelings of guilt and from needing help, not being able to do some things myself, it's an awful lot to comes to term with daily. Especially when life looks nothing like we pictured. 😔

  • mack7315


    definitely understand and relate, don’t forget you’re not alone !! here if you need to chat

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