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  • Pensewell


    I usually start with a warm bath. I try to relax and put my feet in the hot water. Then I put them up on the bathtub for a few minutes to try and relax. Sometimes that will work and I will just go to bed after but there are many nights that I have really painful nights. My pain is in the bottom of both feet so I ordered these slippers that are ice packs from Amazon. I will put them on and then slip on these bootie slippers that I have and it will keep them on my feet. I always wear some socks to protect my skin but eventually it gets cold enough that it helps with the pain and I can take it off. I hate taking too much pain medication because it messes with my sleep so I try this. I hope this helps you!

    • Cronic


      thank you I find getting in the shower in the middle of the night and running really hot water over my feet helps sometimes then others I soak my feet in cold water with epson salt it helps a little but nothing works for very long

  • Surprise


    CBD/thc pain cream

    • Cronic


      I’m happy to hear you have a solution to your pain I have tried gold bond ultimate for diabetics I’ve tried outback original oils and I’ve also tried maximum strength neuropathy intensive concentrator for relief and recovery and they all help a little when I put them all on at once

  • Foe


    Bitter apricot seeds

  • Chronicbadass


    Gabapentin has helped me.

  • UpendedLife


    Gabapentin is what my doctor gave me. It helps a lot but doesn’t take care of it. Very painful on my legs and running water or anything on them hurts. I end up wearing no pants at home and hate it when I have to go out

  • ToddGack


    The combo of gabapentin and nortriptyline is what helped me.

    • Cronic


      have had them both with no relief

  • Chronicbadass


    Gabapentin helped me.

  • Pubizer


    For those who take Gabapentin. Have you experienced issues with hair loss.

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