Why do doctors keep people with bipolar on ssris? I have bipolar 1 and ssris always led to worse mania and my psychiatrist told me that ssris can make bipolar worse. Does it just work for some people, or are ssris mainly used for bipolar 2??

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Friendship


    My MIL has bipolar not sure which type but she's on an ssrri and doesn't get mania

  • SimplyImperfect


    I have bipolar and I'm taking ssri it doesn't cause a mania. What can cause mania is that your dose is not enough or its not for you also antidepressants can cause mania. I stay away from all antidepressants and adjust my doses on ssri if needed.

  • Cheeseballs


    Okay cool! I guess it must depend on the person then!

  • Sierra


    Hmm that’s very surprising actually. My doctors have always refused to give me any antidepressants until I was on a good mood stabilizer because I would have awfulll and extreme rapid cycling and mania

  • bekahcat


    SSRIs and other antidepressants can be used with mood stabilizers. As long as your not taking an antidepressant by itself and your dosages are correct, it should not cause mania

  • BeckStar


    I can't take ssri I feel nothing

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