how do i cope with social anxiety? i’ve been dealing with it for years and it seems to be getting worse almost. i can go for days without talking to anyone

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Drew12


    Hi I also deal with social anxiety and it’s usually due to overthinking and lack of self confidence. I lack self confidence and place other people as more worthy or better than me. What’s helped me a lot is not caring what other people think of me. I’m currently working on building my self confidence and as I’ve made progress my ability to communicate with other people has also improved.

  • johno


    i appreciate the suggestions! i’m also struggling with self esteem so i think that’s part of the problem. it’s nice to hear that people get it and understand

  • TPenn


    Start small. Talk to those you’re comfortable with. Talk in small groups with them and others in it. Let them be a liaison, almost if they’re alright with it. Let them know you’re not comfortable being left alone with people you don’t know. Find common interests, hobbies, stuff like that that are easy to talk about.

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