Does anyone else with ADHD have sensory related tics? Every time I hear certain noises or high pitched screams or laughs (usually from toddlers or something) my neck and shoulder twitch (it’s noticeable to other people as well). I haven’t met a lot of ADHD people with this and I was wondering if it was because of something else, but ADHD is the only reason I can think of.

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  • uglyweeds


    I dont have tics as much as visceral reactions to loud noises or specific noises but I think it has more to do with autism spectrum disorder

    • uglyweeds


      At least for me

  • healthy_gal


    Yes I’m the same way with sensory issues. I get chills and tense my neck up when I touch a fabric i dont like or when I’m over stimulated. Most of the time it’s with sound. I do the exact same thing where I twitch my neck. Can’t really help it lol

  • candycane


    I feel strange seeing certain colors as well as that washer machine on spin cycle. I cope burning wish the world was not so noisy.

  • victoria_soluna


    I don't know if this is a tic but when I get overwhelmed or bored I crack my joints. Like every single one of them. My neck, jaw, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, and feet. I've been doing this since I was 8. I'm 27 now. I pop my joints better than any chiropractor had lol

  • GenderlessGoose


    I have adhd as well and I tend to have visceral reactions to some things. I wouldn't necessarily call mine tics as much as me tensing up or recoiling. but I've never seen it from the viewpoint of anyone else either. I will twitch sometimes at certain persistent ringing though from memory

  • Tetra


    Could also have tourettes. They share signs I think.

  • Soda_Bear


    Yesss, I get this a most of the time but a lot more a few years ago, and I also have a problem of staring off into space when it does that bc I forget what I was doing just to look outside lol

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