I’ve suspected I have POTS or something similar for awhile how (other people have suggested it too) but my blood pressure is fairly normal (a little on the low end) and my heart rate is on the higher end. I’ve done the laying-sitting-standing test but the results were supposedly mostly normal. Any ideas for what to do next?

Iron Deficiency Anemia


acute lethargy

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • Snizzles


    I'm in the exact same spot right now. For the moment I'm treating the symptoms as best i can through more salt and more water until i get seen/diagnosed

  • hiraeth_548


    I looked it up, and I think I might have that, I always get lightheaded whenever i get up after a long period of sitting down, and I've always noticed my heart rate seemed a little fast for my age. always thought it was iron deficiency 😥

  • rne


    For a while I thought it was iron deficiency, as well as my doctors. I would pass out and my heart rate wouldn’t be accurate to what i was doing (it wouldn’t change if i was running and it would get super high if i was sitting). it’s been about 1.5 years and we’ve ruled out POTS, because of other issues. I have a general condition called dysautonomia (a branch POTS is in). I would def bring it up to your doctor and mention medication.

  • Oliver_nova


    I have the exact same issues with that. My blood pressure is normal or low, but I do think I have issues with low blood sugar, which might be causing your dizzy spells and fatigue. Maybe check with your doctor or look up more symptoms and see if they relate to you 😊

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