Hi migraines are new to me and I was recently diagnosed and struggling. Any advice that anyone has for managing the pain especially as well as trying to work and live my life through these episodes??? Thanks 🫶🏼




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  • tallgirl22


    Diet changes made a difference for me. Not entirely gone but less frequent. Low Fodmap diet is what helped me find foods that are triggers.

  • MorRhioghain


    Taking time to yourself in a dark and quiet room helps! Also, Exedrin is an amazing over the counter pain medicine that helps me a lot!

  • Sunie


    something thats been helping me manage my life with frequent migraine episodes is setting up different like, support systems before a migraine hits. for ex, all my friends know about my migraines so when i need to cancel or reschedule they understand immediately, and i just got disability benefits at school so when a migraine hits bad my professors have allow me to miss class and work with me to get caught up. really just setting up things beforehand, so when a migraine hits you dont have to worry about everything else and you can just do what you need, if that makes sense?

  • Ramface321


    I got an industrial peircing in 2016 and it has helped alot with my migraines but it did hurt for like a year after getting it done, my migraine care plan is ibuprofen, if that doesnt work, excedrin (of course when you can take another dose), if that doesnt work its benadryl, ibuprofen and a nap and if that still doesnt work i go for the perscribed ciprofloxxacin and another nap and if all of that doesnt work its ER time for another MRI

    • Tigeress667


      were is the piercing that it helps because that sounds really useful

      • Ramface321


        google industrial peircing or industrial bar peircing its in your cartilage, you can also get a daith peircing and thats supposed to help but i dont know if it does but im not willing to do that one lol

  • Oouchthathurts


    Try using magnesium and a cup of strong coffee & lots of water.

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