what kind of stims/tics do you guys have? and are they associated with something specific? :)
my physical stims: i squeeze my eyes together and my head with twitch when there’s loud noises around or when i’m holding back a different stim. when i get really excited i vibrate (?) my arms and hands near my face.
my vocal stims/tics: barking or meowing, especially to the tune of different songs. laughing really hard or screeching when i get excited.

i get really really excited a lot when i’m watching reality competition tv shows haha my favorites are rupaul’s drag race and iron chef

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Mirage13


    The virbrating thing! I do that. I was never sure how to describe it, ha. But it's almost like a whole body thing for me when I'm excited. I sing and hum to stim, also meow, and do small wiggles when happy. Small "ee" noises. Let's see, what else... Shaking my leg, rubbing my arm when out and about around others, holding myself in some way and rocking.

  • athy


    My favorite stim is rocking! When I don't live with my roommate imma get a rocking chair or something! (She already has one so we don't need another rn) I also hand flap or hold my hands in a fist and do a similar motion, for tics I get head twitches, sudden arm movements those usually hurt :( and my social tics come and go but for a while it was going "EEE EEE" I thought I sounded like a monkey but my partner said it's closer to a guinea pig

  • KatieKitKat


    I also tend to laugh loud or squeal when I'm excited. I tend to rub my fingers together or twist a lock of my hair when nervous or bored

  • Bunny.girl


    Mine are hand flapping and I tend to squeeze my fingers with my another hand if that makes sense.

  • mearbearz


    When I was a kid I had a lot more stimming ten Davies I think. For example I’d touch everything we went by at the store and my parents got so annoyed with it that they told me to hold onto the cart. To this day I sometimes subconsciously hold onto the cart and people look at me weird. The other thing I do is I whisper random words to myself a lot when I’m feeling strong emotions. And I think the most notable and common thing I do is pace. I pace all the time, especially when I’m excited.

  • Zuma


    I have kind of a stimulation technique that involves drawing in the air. Apparently, according to my parents, I have drawn in the air for many years, ever since I was little. I feel like that's almost kind of a stimulation technique that really helps. I don't know, it might just be part of me having autism. I don't know.

  • Lightswitch


    My most common stim is snapping, a lot of the time I don't notice I'm doing it and it's not loud snaps I'll just be snapping away When I get really stressed I rub my arms, when I'm upset sometimes I smack my head repeatedly which isn't fun :")

  • IrisesInJuly


    I also do the head twitch with like loud noises like when my dog barks, I do the vibration thing but for me it's actually when I'm stressed or I just feel like I'm gonna burst! I also rub my wrists together or rub my chest and neck a lot

  • mommy2020


    My stims are rocking, pulling my ears, hand flapping, picking my lips, playing with my fingers, and sucking on my thumb

  • autisticfrog


    Verbally? I make this almost gargling-with-air sound. Kinda sounds like a throaty version of rolling your 'r's, or like a cross between a pigeon coo and Chewbacca. When I'm nervous or awkward I accidentally started saying "beep boop" very quietly to myself. Physically I just bite my nails a lot. Im forgetting my other ones honestly.

  • SpaceEggy


    wow! i can’t believe how many replies this has! it’s so nice to find a community of people and express things like this without a fear of judgement so thank you all! while reading a lot of these replies i’m sitting here like 😳 wow i be doing that too. it’s really always the little things that end up being stims

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