Hi! I need major help. I have done hours and hours of research with no results or answers of any kind at all. I stopped all birth control after being on it for a year. I switched through 2 pill brands and experienced major weight gain, skin issues, month-long periods, and mood issues while on both, so I decided for the time being that I would rather not be on any hormones. It has been around 8 months since I stopped, and I have had even more weight gain, hair loss, severe hormonal acne (on my chin and jawline), IBS-C & cramping/ bloating, and I have had no period, but a bit of spotting probably twice. My face is inflamed & swollen, it has completely blown up, and the same with my stomach (which previously was the last part of my body to gain weight). I never really had acne at all before this, and to deal with the weight gain, I have been eating less and exercising more, but my body won't budge at all. I even eliminated dairy and gluten for 2 weeks, but my body still felt bad. I was finally just prescribed spironolactone for my hormonal acne around a week ago, and I will keep updated. I also have had my thyroid levels tested twice and everything has been reported normal. I have been to like three doctors, and all have told me that my symptoms are normal and to just wait this out, but I am going crazy!!! My body feels like it's fighting me. Please tell me there are people out there who have dealt with this because right now I feel very alone. Someone help me, please!!! Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  • kellbell


    I'm not a doctor obviously, but it really seems like a hormonal imbalance either due to the meds or something else. I'd ask your doctor to either refer you to an endocrinologist or do a hormone panel. All of your symptoms seem hormonal. I've tried like 6 different birth controls and an IUD, so I've done a lot of research because I'm paranoid before I try new medical things, so this is just my though that testing your hormones could be beneficial. I hope this helps and you get better soon!

  • Ris


    ❤️Thank you so much! I definitely will look for an endo!

  • kellbell


    It's definitely not normal and don't let those doctors make you feel crazy! I would get your hormones tested, but western doctors suck at things like this that they can't just shove meds down your throat. I'd go to an acupuncturist or a holistic doctor tbh. I've been to both as well as western med doctors and i get better relief with stuff like this from non-western doctors. unless it's like an organ transplant or a heart attack kind of thing, stuff like this can be helped with eating certain foods, avoiding others, herbs, and natural treatment. it helped me a lot to see an acupuncturist! it seems like they just do needles but they take a look at your body and treat it as a whole, look at foods, allergies, sensitivities, your yin and yang, your energy and flow, it seems hippy dippy but it really helps!

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