How many of you skew towards anxiety/mania rather than depression? For some reason I thought I was more in the depressed arena until I said that and my therapist, husband, mom, and friends all quickly said nooooooo... you are a ball of nerves. Just curious who else is out there!

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  • Lifestar


    Me, and seriously working on it, you are not alone.. 🙏

  • Lizherrera_22


    I have both depression and the mania but lately I been have more of the mania that n past few years which sucks.

  • mcfly224


    I also have both, but find myself almost more anxious when I'm down. The new medicine they put me on really brings out the anxious worry. I wish I could find the middle ground.

  • LizzieLou


    I definitely spend a looooot of time in a mixed state but the anxiety is almost always there. It is not my favorite.

  • Alinaa


    Hmm. I tend to be more anxious when I’m depressed because I reflect on my actions when I was manic. Mania, for me personally, evokes insecurity and anxiety when I’m not experiencing because when I am, I couldn’t care less about what I’m doing.

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