Does anyone else feel like everything around you is fake and your literally living in a like a stimulation or in a coma ? Been dealing with it for 6 years after a bad trip from marijuana. Help :(





Delusional disorder

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  • Dark_Johnny


    Hi! It sounds like a feeling of derealization, it's a very common feeling. I suggest getting some therapy to help you cope with your past and present, it might help this feeling too. Be well and keep us posted!

  • Justinerosexx


    Hey dark_johnny I have it 24/7 for years straight. It never fully goes away. Some days are worse than others

  • ClearColor


    I have persistent feelings of derealization that come and go too. You’re not alone. Our brains are just messing with us.

  • Rasin


    oh yes i deal with this constantly and waking up from realistic dreams really sets this off. i believe it’s called derealization or a delusion

  • Sauni


    Hi I’m currently going threw the physcosis I was just diagnosed with it and just got released today . It started really randomly but i think if I would of gotten help when I first starts hearing a voice maybe it wouldn’t of gotten this bad . Right now I’m so detached from everything I just feel like a floating body I’ve had depersonalization before but this is 100 times worse . Anyways I wanted to reach out and let you know you’re not alone and I hope you are having great day although I know all days may seem the same . I know that doesn’t fully answer the. Question but I do feel like every day I’m just there .

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