It’s dark every morning. So hard to get up in morning at get going. Summer I’m the morning energizer bunny. Winter I’m the night owl. Whyyyy. Nothing get done when it “should” ugh

Episodic Mood Disorder

Cyclothymic disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • mysterious320


    It sounds like S.A.D seasonal affective disorder, my partner has just been diagnosed with this, he finds it hard to get up and get motivated during the winter but in the summer he's always awake it may be worth looking into it and seeing if it fits how you're feeling

    • Gingeralamode


      I am going to add to this because this person tried to diagnose you, and that's odd. Although that disorder can cause this, this is a normal human reaction as well due to the circadian rhythm. If it is to an extreme level, then definitely ask about it, but don't worry too much as to a degree, this is very common.

      • mysterious320


        would just like to add I wasn't trying to diagnose yes it is a common thing to find it hard to be motivated when it's darker however, many people don't realise that they are suffering from the condition SAD as it is often just ignored or dismissed because people don't understand so it may be worth doing research

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