ok So I'm on Birth control and an iron supplement. I want to go on T eventually ( very soon). some family members are telling me to wait while overs are saying I shouldn't transition at all. I've always wanted to be a boy or at least boy like.

I live in South Carolina and I would like some help with possibly going on T.
I know my close family like my mom will absolutely hate it but I wanna be happy in my body.
also the planned Parenthoods in my area don't do anything HRT related.


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  • waywardvagabond


    being transgender is not “wanting to be the other gender”. i’m a trans man and it’d not about “wanting to be a man” i am a man i just happen to have a female body. wanting to be the other gender sometimes is normal and something everyone experiences. starting testosterone is not something to be taken lightly. please think about this for a while before you decide to permanently medically alter your body

  • AriJuda


    why be so picky about this dudes post, jesus

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