Hi, not sure where to begin.

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  • stormer


    Just say what is on your mind..

  • PledgeofTray


    hi just start where you want. ✋

  • MillynaSky


    Every day feels like a struggle. It's been this way for many years. I've seen therapists, I've been on many different meds. I even had a psychiatrist tell me, I should have a lobotomy. Currently on Citalopram and it doesn't help. Guess another therapist and med change....

    • Teardrops


      why do you need to change therapist ? I understand meds changes. What you psychiatrist said was not right Maybe it’s just being a complex case??? I am so many symptoms and health issues. On many medications that I am a complex case. Doctors have told me this I am to the point I really won’t get better with a medication change inpatient in a psych hospital. Because of all the medications I am on. It’s a really balancing act. Changing meds isn’t always a bad thing if the results change and you start feeling better. I know med changes can take time to get to the right dosage. I wish you the best of luck to feeling better

      • Eren2273


        it's really hard to find a therapist that works for you

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