my name is rose and dealing with mental imbalance and physical pain really make it hard to be in the present moment with my daughter . it's like your in a state of pain to the point where nothin feels like your mine is dull and not sharp . my daughter is also teething and I'm home alone because my fence has a 12 hour job. and the other day I started laughing out of nowhere and then crying . I felt like I was mentally blocked and trapped till I just started laughing and crying uncomfortably I felt like I was crazy and vulnerable as hell and didn't know how to handle what jist happened. I grew up with a lot of hardships and abusive parents and I had to help raise 4 siblings at one point I was care giver to my mother untill she died when I was 17 ofc I cared for her since I was 11 after her surgery. so it was off and on and my brother and Step dad passed away last year from drowning I was 6 months pregnant at the time .


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  • Zyke


    That sounds really tough. You have been through a lot. I would say to try to be kind to yourself. When you are feeling numb or out of it, know that you are not doing it on purpose. That you still love your family and want to be super present. It is ok to feel what you are feeling. At the same time definitely share what you are going through with others or a professional. I know how scary it can feel to feel like you are mentally losing it. It’s a huge fear of mine.

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