To those of you with unsupportive families and/or doctors, how long did it take for you to get your diagnosis?

Tourette Syndrome (TS)

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  • Chrys


    Several years. I began showing symptoms in middle school, and wasn’t properly diagnosed until sophomore year. I ended up homeschooled because I couldn’t walk around in public. Everyone was convinced I was just a hypochondriac, and that my anxiety disorder was the sole cause of it all.

  • Chrys


    Oh, I apologize, I didn’t see that this was specifically for Tourette’s. I was diagnosed very early in my childhood (around 6-7). My previous message was in regards to my POTS/hEDS. ^^;

  • royalty


    No that's alright! That's still helpful and makes me fell less alone honestly!

  • Beetlejuul


    I never told my parents and I tend to suppress around them but my dr believed me. She didn’t officially diagnose me but believes that it’s probably Tourette’s

  • Booba


    I’ve had tics since I was 7 & didn’t get a diagnosis until a week before my 21st birthday. My sisters made fun of me when my tics first started & would always say “ew you look like you have Tourette’s” so from then until 7th grade I always took that as a diagnosis & thought I for sure had Tourette’s (I do, but this was way before my diagnosis) in 8th grade I mentioned possible Tourette’s to my mother & she told me there’s no way that I have Tourette’s since I don’t yell & curse, she always refused to take me to a doctor for it since she “knew” that I didn’t have it. Finally, my husband took me to a doctor for it last year & I got my diagnosis. My parents are shocked & feel bad for neglecting my concerns. I am not educating them on what Tourette’s really is, not what media tells us it is.

  • Kaydence


    I just got diagnosed last year... I've had it since I was a kid, but my family blew it off as me just being weird. And then it wasn't worth the money to get a diagnosis - until after I had covid. My symptoms became hard to cope with, so my husband actually had to bring me to a neurologist because I couldn't even handle the drive.

  • Holle


    I thought I was the only one! My parents allowed me to see a doc, but wouldn’t allow me to tell the doc if something was wrong. They were pretty abusive that way. I have experienced tics/Tourette’s since I was abt 12. As an adult, I am still trying to receive an official diagnosis from a neurologist. It’s so hard to find a good one! I have received a diagnosis from other doctors, just not the brain doctor lol. It can be hard to get a diagnosis when you’re an adult bc they either don’t believe you, or they take their sweet time helping you. Just keep pushing and keep fighting for the diagnosis.

  • GooseWithUhBow


    Hello. I've had tics for as long as I can remember, so probably started at a minimum of around 5 years old. I only got diagnosed recently

  • Lemur


    I started having tics around 7 years old but suppressed it around everyone, including family. When I was 23 I told my doctor at the time and was referred to a neurologist. The neurologist was an asshole and dismissed my symptoms, saying I was too caught up on Googling things. I didn’t rack the courage to seek a diagnosis again until last year, at age 31. I again was referred by my regular doctor and was diagnosed by a really nice neurologist! Getting an official diagnosis can be extremely challenging, and a lot of doctors don’t know a lot about Tourette’s. Healthcare is so inaccessible, so just know that self-diagnosis is absolutely valid.

  • itsarigrace


    My parents noticed tics in me since age 5, then got me diagnosed when I was 14 but DIDNT TELL ME until I was 16 and I was looking through medical records for something and I confronted my mom. She said "oh yeah you were diagnosed when you were 14 but we didn't think it was important so we didn't tell you" I was like COOL THANKS IVE BEEN THINKING THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME FOR YEARS AND IT WAS JUST TICS

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