idk what this is exactly, but sometimes i have recurring thoughts/very vivid images in my brain of bad things happening to cats, (cats are very special to me) usually based on real things that ive witnessed or heard about, and they are so distressing that i instantly have a panic attack because of them. they mostly happen when im trying to go to sleep, which makes it very difficult to fall asleep, and i usually have them for maybe a week or two (used to be months) and then they go away for awhile, but they've recently come back again. idk what to do about it, i know that some people say that you can handle intrusive thoughts by understanding theyre just thoughts and letting them come and go through your brain or whatever, but the second i try to do that, i have a panic attack and it usually makes them even worse and last longer... ive always considered them to be intrusive thoughts, but maybe theyre something else? idk, if anyone has any advice or just experiences something similar, please let me know! im tired of feeling so alone and burdened by this 😖

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