Anyone who can tolerate some solid foods but sensitive to fiber ever try dehydrated fruits and veggies? Ive seen some videos of people doing that without GP but the food turned out crisp and airy like a chip. Looked like it might break down enough in the mouth to not be a problem for my particular issues but I wouldnt want to but the equipment if someone said it still caused a lot of problems breaking down. Im looking for unique ways to consume produce as I cannot have them normally or even cooked (only in smoothies) so if anyones got ideas Im listening. I dont want to rely on one method if possible.


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  • Kobo


    Hey, I make myself soups from many vegetables, that’s how I consume the nutrients I need. For carbs I make myself smashed potatoes or any other soft and mushy food

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I find for my body it’s hit or miss. Some fruits like mango I can snack away with much fiber but other ones like dates are very fibery for my body. Obviously, I am just one person and if you think it might not work for you, that’s also fine.

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