What has been the most challenging part about coming to terms with your diagnosis?


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Scarlettrose


    I already knew I had depression and anxiety. My diagnosis with bipolar 2 was actually a relief. It explained my behavior so much better. I already knew I'd have to be on meds for it the rest of my life so my diagnosis was a blessing in disguise.

  • Boobear98


    That not everyone is going to be accepting of you. This is already a factor of being human, but when you tell someone you have a mental health issue, or more specifically bipolar, they think you are a ticking time bomb.

  • Female_Loki


    Insomnia and depression

  • glumanddum


    The fact that I was misdiagnosed with Major Depression for 15 years

  • Honey22


    I have a pretty recent diagnosis but I was almost positive that I had cyclothymia or a form of bipolar for years because I’ve always had the symptoms. I thought being officially diagnosed would only be positive cause it doesn’t change my situation it just gives me access to better resources. But I think for me without a diagnosis I always thought that this would dissipate. Like right now it sucks but once I get married and have kids it would just slowly go away. Being diagnosed gave me the reality that I’m stuck with this ans if anything it might get worse over time.

  • Scarlettrose


    I felt better when diagnosed because it explained alot of my behavior. It was nice to know the cause. I know I will always have it and will always be on meds for it. I'm not ok taking meds for the rest of my life but I'm grateful for the diagnosis because it can't be treated properly until there's a firm diagnosis.

  • PropogateGrowth


    Trying to not let it define me and placing blame on it for everything. It is just better to express symptoms to my psychiatrist and try my best to work on building positive things in my life.

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