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I am currently in an art class that is really physically demanding. Today I rammed and helped lift many pounds of sand for around 4 hours straight and I was really dreading the pain to come afterwards and trying to manage the pain I was in. My teacher noticed I was tired and he said “I know this is hard. This is how we weed out the wimps.” And I know he was probably trying to be more encouraging than not, he’s a generally pleasant person, but I felt like he was calling me weak. I had contemplated giving up and asking for help until he said that. I have mentioned my EDS diagnosis to him but I doubt he remembered. I’m currently in bed in horrible pain just honestly hoping someone can relate to this type of experience I guess.

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  • Pfeiffer


    I can relate to not being able to do everything I want to. It’s more than something being ‘too hard’ for us, we will never have the strength physically to do certain things. And it’s always hard to explain EDS to people, it’s a weird disease and no one has ever heard of it, most people don’t understand the severity of it.

  • Ink789


    i definitely can relate to the pain and having to do things that are very physically asking, I'm asked to do alot of physical things even with family knowing my diagnosis

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