Any advice on helping migraines? For the last 24 hours I haven’t been able to move without 1. Puking or 2. Feeling like I’m going to pass out. Desperate for ideas😭



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  • Catslovesoup


    I just got on prescription medication for my migraines. Definitely worth looking into 🥰

  • RNCandmom


    I’m so sorry! That’s miserable - my migraines are like that too. It makes me feel so sick I can’t do anything. I finally stated the Botox injections- that’s the only thing that finally helped me. I’ve only had 1 migraine since my injection on Sept 9th. Before I tried the Botox I had been having an average of 20 headache days a month. I hope you feel better and can find something that helps!

  • dinosaur2202


    Would definitely recommend going to the er for a migraine cocktail if it lasts with such severe symptoms for over 48 hours. I know how much the er sucks so would recommend going with an advocate to support you and prepared to ask for exactly what you need

  • rockstar


    Sumatriptan is a prescription, but it works good

  • Cheeseballs


    I don’t have any recommendations but I hope you are okay and find something that works! ❤️

  • Tinie


    I was always told If they get to that extent go to the er. And please try to get in with a neurologist to see what it is hopefully get some help 🙏

  • dcgirl


    Yes see a neurologist and get on some preventives. You'll be glad you did. I only get them really bad here and there. Thankfully never puking but light and sound are evil for me and im super dizzy and nauseous. I've gone to urgent care instead of the hospital and they've given me toradol. It's amazing. Hope you feel better.

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