I'm having a tough time losing weight and can't help thinking this is affecting my breathing. My COPD and asthma was so we'll controlled for years and now I'm having such a tough time.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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  • Sunshine_Sue


    Hi, my weight has definitely caused an issue with my breathing. Sometimes I just have to go slow and try to breath deeply. Not always possible but I try. My COPD is well managed with my medicine but there are rough days too.

    • Tom_I


      I know I'm looking for a easier softer way to lose weight and it probably just doesn't exist. I from 60 mile bike rides to 300lbs and huffing and puffing in like six short years. I'm just frustrated

      • Sunshine_Sue


        I gain a hundred pounds in less then two years. I’m sure it’s from being down with surgeries and the fact that I was depressed and just ate whatever I wanted to. I had the bariatric sleeve. I lost 100 pounds back in 2016. But I have gained that back plus some. I had to get a pacemaker. They believe it was from losing so much weight so fast. I am now trying to watch what I eat and how much I eat. It is hard! But every day‘s a new day for me and I try constantly. That’s awesome that you used to be able to bike 60 miles. I know you can get back to that if you want to. Just take it one day at a time. You got this!!!

  • TR1967


    I went to my lung doctor today he said my lungs sound good

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