Does anyone have their anxiety triggered when they hear the beeps of heart monitors on movies and shows? I can’t even watch medical shows without subtitles because when I hear the heart monitors I have to cover my ears, I just get so anxious. And one time I didn’t expect a survey scene and I had a little anxiety attack that caused me to cry when they put the patient to sleep.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • FutureNurse


    I fortunately don’t have that issue, but that’s because I’m studying to be a nurse. There are definitely some sounds that trigger me though. Creepy ringtones, the sound before a storm warning on tv, someone vomiting…

  • lotusgrin


    mine is crime. which is sad because crime shows are my fav when my anxiety isn’t bad. 😔

  • AnxiouslyUnique


    Omg, this. I literally just heard a heart monitor on TV and got anxious right before I read this! I thought I was the only one.

  • Sherohn


    I used to when I was still hearing. After becoming DeafBlind and all my other medical conditions started, just *thinking* of the hospital makes my anxiety go off the rails.

  • Millenniumlucille


    Those beeps, too, but alarms trigger panic attacks for me. Like almost immediately any fire alarms or security alarm and I'm panicking.

  • Spanketti


    For me it's the sound of too many people and the sound of a tap or the simple beat thats constant and never ending. Sometimes it's too much chatter or mardi Gras music. Lol. Being from NOLA doesn't help. I avoid parades as much as possible. 😆

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