I’ve had nausea, acid reflux, food intolerances, and liquid intolerances for some time now. I can’t drink water because it causes severe acid reflux, so I just drink sugar free Gatorade. I can hardly drink at all because after only a couple sips I feel full and sick. I drink about 20-30oz a day. (my stomach gets very upset and nauseous if I eat anything with a high water content, such as grapes, apples, or jello).
I have to eat roughly every 30 minutes, and my stomach will only allow 2-3 bites of food. I wake up throughout the night to eat. I’ve lived like this for over a year.
Lately every time I eat or drink I get nausea, and bloated feeling more so than usual. And it seems to be with every food/drink that my stomach does tolerate: Soup, bread, crackers, Gatorade (sf). Some stuff has less of that effect, such as plain scrambled eggs or some banana. I’ve been waiting to see a GI doctor for months, but everyone’s booked out by at least 8 weeks, and I have tried to get the doctor to mark my case as urgent since there’s a lot more going on than just what im writing here, but nobody seems to care.
What can I eat/stop eating to get the bloating and nausea to stop? Im tired of living like this. Every waking moment is hell.

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  • Konki


    This sounds so hard, I’m so sorry you’re going through this and you definitely deserve to been seen by a doctor asap. If you have a primary care doctor who is referring you to a GI, that primary care doctor might be able to help you flag your case as urgent.

    • Kashyyyk


      she wouldn’t mark it as urgent. I was denied to be seen by the GI. I called and explained what was wrong with me and the nurse who reviewed my case said my doctor didn’t include any of my symptoms, only sent results for half the tests I got, and wrote that I have issues with my gallbladder. So the nurse said she’s going to get the rest of the results from my doctor so I can get seen. But it sounds like my doctor isn’t trying to help at all which is so frustrating

      • Konki


        wow that sucks. Sounds like you would benefit from a different primary care doctor. Are you in the US?

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