hey guys just curious. if your boyfriend canceled on you just because of something stupid and moronic would you still be with them.
two weeks ago my boyfriend canceled on me because of the fact that he didn't want to do anything outdoors during a thunderstorm. I suggested to him that we could do something else but he still didn't want to do anything with me. I'm at a cross roads now.... I have no idea what to do and I would really like to stay with him but when he cancels and decides blatantly that he doesn't want to hang out with me at all it makes me think that the relationship isn't worth it. I'm stuck please help me

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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    is your boyfriend autistic? for me personally, the idea of plans changing is so overwhelming and distressing that i would rather cancel than have to deal with the stress of changing everything last minute. it’s not “stupid and moronic” it’s a symptom of a neurological disorder. if you can’t accept that, and you’re going to complain every time, then yes you should end the relationship. for his sake though, not yours :)

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  • ForgetfulFerret


    I’m sorry that’s happening. I just want to say everyone has the ability to make decisions on what they want and don’t want to do for whatever reason. I know it hurts when people cancel last minute, especially if it’s something that has been planned way in advance. People shouldn’t be forced into doing stuff they don’t want to do. If it’s a recurring behavior of constantly being canceled on maybe sit down and have a conversation with the person and let them know how it makes you feel when they cancel on you. Also, if you’re the one always planning, have the other person plan something they want to do and if they’re not good at planning help them. For me my partner was always planning everything and I never really thought about it but she sat me down and told me it was actually draining her and that she would like me to plan some stuff sometime. I had no idea until she told me. Just be open about how stuff makes you feel. It’s important to communicate stuff like that in relationships.

  • Conlarghezza


    Did you ask him why he decided to cancel completely?

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