this really scary thing has been happening for a few years were when i’m having an anxiety attack i start hitting myself, pounding my fists into my thighs and the sides of my head while basically convulsing. it leaves bad bruises almost every time and it’s really scary for me and my family cause i can’t seem to control it. it’s involuntary, kind of like tics. i know it’s not a traditional from of self-harm but i feel that’s the best way to describe it, does anyone know what could help??

Acute self-inflicted injury

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  • KeiXyr


    It sounds a lot like my breakdowns. Mine have been happening for maybe 5+ years now? I don't have a name for it, I'm sorry, but I can give some advice. Mine slowed a bit with proper medication. Meds might not be for you, and that's totally okay, it's not hopeless if you don't want/can't handle meds. I established boundaries with my family: crowding me made it worse, it was better to let me handle it by myself. I also took time to figure out what made me feel safe: a quiet, private room, with a heavy blanket wrapped around me, or certain comfort items that made me feel protected. These are just examples, and there's a good chance you'll experience things much differently than I do, but in my experience, if you don't put yourself in a safe space during the breakdowns, it is so much worse.

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