i have anxiety and i know i need to get on meds to help but the thought of talking to someone like a phycitrist scares the crap outta me.

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  • Aisling


    Talking to a counselor is hard but it takes time to find the right person who understands your needs. I take an anti-anxiety and see a counselor and it helps me a lot

  • Carolshine


    It’s so scary at first, but remember that you are literally paying them to listen to and help you. Their job is to not judge you. Maybe try to do online therapy, like Skype style? That’s helped me.

  • Bun


    i try to look at it this way: these people have gone through years of schooling just to help people like you so at least you know they want to hear and help you

  • JJ_123


    Hi Unicorn! I can relate and avoided going to see a therapist for so long. BUT it has changed my life so much. It is not easy but I really recommend going! Remember these are trained professionals who have lots of clients. They aren't judging you, and if you feel like they are, you can find another doctor! Let me know if you want to talk to me more about finding a psychiatrist or taking your first steps or first appointment

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