Honestly Ive just been struggling for a long time with ptsd. As the events happened i focused on every little thing to detach myself thinking “ill never be able to hear this song again without remembering this” and things similar, and that was the case for the first year but as time goes on i cant remember a single thing that happened if its not from a situational trigger. I have very bad derealization and it feels like when I recall the trauma in general, it seems like it didn’t happen to me, it feels like someone told me it happened to someone i know. I hate so much that i cant remember sometimes because then i start gaslighting myself into thinking i made it up or im blowing it out of proportion. Does anyone else get like this?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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  • Annie24


    Absolutely. Trauma does that. Your body protects itself in this way. I’ve had very similar experiences

  • Annie24


    Be gentle with yourself ❤️

  • Jewels18


    Happens to me! I second guess how “bad” it was and then feel guilty for thinking it’s bad under the thought of “there’s a lot worse situations out there. “

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