I'm new to the gastroparesis diagnosis. I believe it was just last month that a gastric emptying test confirmed it for me. I've been in and out of the ER for quite a while with abdominal pain and no answers, so I'm glad to finally have a diagnosis. It's been a difficult diet adjustment for me. My dietitian recommended a liquid diet for a month before trying anything else. When I do eat anything else it's painful. I'm frustrated with it. How did you get past the diet change initially?


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  • Food_Fighter


    Unfortunately You Don’t Get Over The Changes. I Am a Glutton for Punishment…I watch The PBS Cooking Shows. And Live Vicariously

    • Ine


      I think I'm in love with you now

  • LeeannD


    It's a process. And as mentioned above it's always a struggle. I've had allergies and gut issues my whole life and it's interesting to look at how I've changed. I think my advice for recent changes is to give yourself some grace. The second is find new favorites. Experiment with juice flavors. Find what joy you can in that. I know that seems crazy but if you look at it as a way to make yourself better and have some fun, it so helps. Now that I'm back on solid food I can have about 20 ish foods? I eat pizza, tacos, stir fry. Lol my friends laugh because it looks nothing like those foods to them but they do to me and that's all that matters!

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