it's super depressing when all your friends you use to have don't even wanna talk to you or even be around you. anyone wanna be a friend to actually stay?? I don't feel like I'll find that someone tbh. gives me anxiety to even try making friends again.


Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ChloeMae


    I’m here!!!

  • Fangs


    Honestly I feel the same. It's like I'm not worth it

  • SunInAugust


    I could have easily have written this myself every day of my life

  • J_Stokes


    I’d love to be your friend as I’m experiencing the same things!! 💕

  • xtaylorx


    i don’t have any friends either 🥺

  • Hot_Mess_Momma


    I completely understand. All I do is stay home all day and take care of the house and my daughter. Would be lovely to actually talk to someone other than a baby all day lol

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