Other than a change in medication, what other treatment/help can I get?



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  • Hope714


    therapy is always an option. And that can be broken down into many many different kinds. CBT DBT etc. Then there’s electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) previously known as electric shock therapy if you are in a really bad place mentally or you aren’t responding well to medications. Those are ones I’ve had personal experience with. Then there’s also ketamine therapy which is like daily infusions of ketamine. And then there’s something with magnets on the brain. Like transcranial magnetic therapy? I’m not sure of the name. It’s noninvasive but should be similar to ketamine and ect in the treatment in that it’s something you do every day or every other day for a few weeks and then as needed

  • Sunshine14


    I agree I just recently started going to therapy and it has been helping a lot

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