What’s a way fo calm down about a medical procedure that you have coming up? It’s unlikely that they’ll find something bad but my brain loves to blow things out of proportion so I go to worse case scenario, what’s a good way to stop that?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Rayningtigress


    I try to come to terms about the bad things that could happen. I accept the possibility that i need this procedure if i want to be able to be here longer with my family and loved friends.

  • Eren2273


    When I had a medical procedure I was extremely anxious about, the doctors gave me a pill to take before I went to have it done that made me all loopy so I wasn't anxious anymore. You could ask about something like that?

  • CaramelMixedHoney


    I do the same. What helps is thinking of it like a movie. I pretend I'm the actress and that I'm the bad ass who's going to make it through whatever it is. And the healthcare professionals are so shocked and stunned by how strong I am. If it's a procedure, I just pretend that I am updating my super powers. May sound crazy, but it has helped me immensely.

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