I'm scared to have a laparoscopy done. I've been to 11 different Obgyn and they all say my only option left is surgery. So I went to an endometriosis specialist and he seems like the best option to have surgery with. He was the only doctor who truly listened to me and made me feel like everything would be okay. However, I'm still really nervous about having surgery. I keep thinking why do I need it. I wish there was some other option. I don't know why I am scared. I don't know if I'm scared to find out if I have it or to find out if I don't have it. I had a 20 lb tumor removed from my spleen but this scares me way more.

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  • tallgirl22


    Nancy’s nook has a lot of good resources about endo and surgery and doctors to look into. If you’re like me, knowledge helps it become less scary so I hope this helps.

  • 100Percent_K


    I think a common fear we have is what if they find it and we are stuck with it forever. I think another common fear is what if they don’t find it and we went through it for “nothing”. The truth is that it is needed to find out if you do or do not have it. You’re not crazy for having these thoughts either. You need the surgery for the betterment of your life no matter which direction it may lead you.

  • KnotTheEndoTheWhirl


    I definitely felt anxiety leading up to mine. What if they find it? What if they don’t? — For me, the what if they don’t was scariest. It would mean I still had pain and no answers. With the surgery I knew that if they found it they would excise it (I was confident in my surgical team to both find it if it was there and excise it properly). It was also scary for me to think about what sort of damage it could be doing to my body if I turned out to have Endo and didn’t have the surgery to excise it. Surgery ended up being a great decision for me (and great timing) because not only did I have Endo, but it was at a point where there were adhesions but they hadn’t caused damage to organs and it was also easy enough to excise. Had we waited any longer it would have likely caused damage and may have been bad enough to require a more extensive or additional surgery. My lesson was that it sucks to have surgery and it sucks to have a chronic Illness… but the illness I know is one I can get to know and try to live my best life with. With the complete excision I now have a relatively clean slate for now and can take back a little control over my life. Endo surgery win: I recently had my first pain free physical therapy session and have been actually able to start a functional PT plan since my pain isn’t getting in the way.

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