Hi there.. I’m new too this site could not put all meds ie fentanyl down or illness as it was a tad upsetting my main problem is the the never ending struggle of pain & having my life ripped away from me I know there must be many people that I have lived a longer with all the pain but I can not understand 😢 I do hope you can give me some insight. I am a ex marathon runner and hold down a job with HR officer I turned 50 and it just all happened… then was medically retired from a job at held for 31 years. I know there are so many people like this out there, I have to rely on carers and people reminders. I cannot leave the house alone and I need this New Year to find peace with it learn to live with it and try not to give up …..Sharon

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  • MinRee


    Hi Sharon, Dealing with constant pain is more than a notion. It takes rearranging the things you would normally do quickly o do those same things a your own pace. You can get through this, pain is different each day, I know mine is but each day I try to control my pain and not allow the pain to control me. I'm not saying this is successful everytime but every little bit is triumphant. Be encouraged.

    • Shazzie


      i found out last year it was all brought on by chemotherapy poisoning & that’s what started the ball rolling for my body to start crumbling I just want & wish for my old life back or even if I could have 24 hours without pain …. Maybe even do something & not have to land up in bed for over doing it … it sounds selfish I know as we all suffer , but sometimes it’s not easy as you must know .. do you have any advice about how I can control the pain better I hate having too take drugs to just get a few hours a-day … thank you for your words of encouragement

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