I had a baby when I was 19 and Divorced. I tried so hard to get back on my feet and find a decent man to help me raise my baby and to give my baby a decent upbringing. I always wanted my own family. I always wanted us to be a part of a family. We had a great family for about 5 years but that ended. We find ourselves dealing with CPS but not knowing the full extent of the terms and conditions I should say.... Anywho 3 years later I find a great man who is smart and knows how to provide and he's a great father. Everything I was looking for in a man to help raise a family with. We get married and everything is going well...sorta and then we move into our new house just to have my boy taken away. So now I've found myself with a family but my baby is no longer part of my family. I spent ten years searching and searching but got nothing but hopelessness and depression. this has been in my head all weekend and I had to get it out.


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