dont know what to do rn. later we going shopping so i can buy clothes after my mom made me give up nearly my whole wardrobe for people who need it. but she didnt think to replace the clothes ive given away. should i get high? im not doing anything right now and i prefer to avoid the anxiety and paranoia and bad racing thoughts. what can i do to make use of my time and focus in a healthy way

i cant help but think of the ways i really offended someone and polarized myself from everyone around me. like i once assumed someone was angry but it was my emotions. its scary and offensive. i was scaring everyone away with my issues and i wasnt being honest with myself. its offensive and creepy cus i had no idea. its like people knew something about me i didnt know.
i like this app and using it to admit things v personal and mental. i used to use instagram but everyone thinks my account is a cry for help so now im using this and i like all the support this community offers. sometimes i just need to say something and have someone listen. it helps me and its so simple to listen to someone. but sometimes its hard to find people who will listen unless their being paid.
i scared people away with my issues. i had alot of issues and didnt want to be honest with myself. i was in constant pain and thats all i manifested in my life
i was in so much pain. i was in soooo muchhh painnnn. so much. more than one person can handle. which sucks. i wish that was over sooner. what can i do now to connect to find someone i can connect to now?

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  • Lunako


    I am so here for you! I face the same struggles you do honestly. I scare myself too! So if you ever need a friend I’m here. I have no one to talk to out of fear of being judged or not being heard. My mind is my own worse enemy as I’m sure for a lot of us. So I’m here as friend and feel free to reach out if you need me 🫶🏻

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