Hi , if you are interested in talking and sharing your bladder cancer story , I would love to listen to you .Here is part of my story. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2018 but I find life is good . I keep active both physically and socially . I could be a bit more active socially though. My dog has helped in both departments! lol . Immuno Therapy didn't work for me . I had my bladder removed in 2019 and replaced with a neo bladder . It worked great . A year later I had a reoccurance in the urethra and had that removed as well as the prostate . The flow of urine was redirected and exits through my stoma and into a urostomy pouch . I've been disease free for 18 months and feel optimistic. Last fall I had a stunt put in help with the kidney function . This seems to be a commen occurrence for people who don't have a bladder. Did anyone in the group have this done as well ?

Bladder Cancer

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    Did the neo bladder cause more infection ?

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