has anyone tried ECS (Emotional Coping Strategies) as an alternative to DBT??

got refused DBT because i wasn't 'jumping off a rooftop' at time of the assessment lmao

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • InsidiousAnomaly


    I disassociated a lot during my dbt back in 2007. Didn't speak much, don't like being out on the spot like it can. Only thing I took away from that was mindfullness/trying to figure out why im feeling like this and address it. Especially if im lashing out at someone...ami can oull back and explain why I did it (with or with out an apology depending on what was going on.)

  • Wednesday_7


    I didn’t know there was a minimum amount of struggling to need DBT. I’ve never heard of or tried ECS, but I can recommend a lot of online self help DBT resources.

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