making friends as an adult is so hard, especially when you feel like you are "behind" on adult things. I'm still in university, I'm single, I have no kids (thankfully), I only work a part time job, I still live at home... I'm behind on being a normal adult and that has made it hard to be around people my age.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Skipeople


    Firstly, I want to help normalize being a non-traditional student. I am 31 and will be graduating soon with my undergraduate degree. It can be awkward to still be in school as an adult, and it is completely normal too! I've had people older than me in my classes. Secondly, I want to normalize and validate having a hard time making friends as you age. A lot of people struggle with meeting people, myself included. One thing some of my friends have tried is Bumble BFF. I have joined some Discord forums and Meetup groups with people I can relate to. While your feelings are 100% valid, there is no "normal," only stupid societal expectations that, honestly, most people don't follow anyway. I too struggle with imposter syndrome which it seems you are struggling with too, but we can both move forward by learning that everyone has their own path and that is totally okay.

  • chinchillafurgirl


    Get a cat, it's fantastic

    • SoxyWoxy


      if I was allowed to, I would. Lol. Unfortunately I still live with my mom and the cat we have (that doesn't like me much) is very much not interested in other cats.

  • Candyperez_29


    Welcome! I am new here and also have felt this way, it might sounds kinda cheesy, but I figured out and remind myself it’s about perspective…. Everyone has something different going on and we are all trying to figure this “adult” thing out lol. If you want to chat, you have a friend here! 😊

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