My mother has endometriosis and I have some similar symptoms for it like heavy bleeding, irregular periods, ovarian cysts. I was wondering how the best way to handle it after diagnosis was. I have my OBGYN appointment next week so I want to make sure I know what all I’m in for

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  • Sparklelover


    I get ovarian cyst they hurt for me and I can't have sex when I get them at your appointment they will do an ultrasound that's usually it

  • Ory


    Sadly most OBGYN's don't take endo super seriously. Hopefully you have a good experience with your doctor, but I know I dealt with a lot of frustrating appointment before finding someone who was well researched. They'll offer birth control, which doesn't help, and possibly pain medication. Endometriosis can't be seen on an ultrasound. They can assume you have it based off of symptoms, but the only true way to be diagnosed is through invasive surgeries. I know. It sucks. Women's health still isn't taken as seriously as it should be. It was assumed I had it when I was 15, and I had a laproscopic excision surgery at 18 where they officially diagnosed me and removed Endometriosis from all effected organs, and a few ovarian cysts. However, endo can grow back. There is no cure for it, just temporary treatments. Endometriosis is actually abnormal cell growth, and is compared to cancer on that front. Abnormal cells from the uteran lining can make their way all over your body, and throughout many surgeries has actually been found in every organ now. I suggest joining some support groups and researching treatment options. The website StuffThatWorks is great! You can look at what has worked for other people there, and it ranks treatments on how successful they were for others. Also, if you are interested, I can comment some instagram pages I have found information and comfort through. I hope this was helpful! I have been researching endo for a very long time. I didn't want this to be overwhelming, I know it's a lot!

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