I’ve been having to take a lot of time of work recently because of my migraines and seizures. My job is frustrated and telling I’m out of sick time and can’t miss anymore work. I don’t know what to do


Chronic Migraine

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  • Megatron98


    Hello, Have you looked into getting FMLA at all? My doctor was willing to allow me intermittent FMLA for a few days a month for my migraines. Most workplaces require that you be there at least a year in order to qualify, and may or may not pay you for it. But even if you don’t get paid, it protects your job.

  • Autism_Dad_2020


    I ended up having to file for disability due to my migraines.

  • MystikMandy


    I also get disability for my migraines but I second getting FMLA activated

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