Does anyone have vestibular migraines with a mood disorder? My meds aggrivate the migraines daily and I am tired of needing a babysitter and not being able to use the upstairs.og my new condo without help.




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  • MisterB


    It isn't a rare condition to suffer from a mood disorder (especially depression or anxiety) with vestibular migraine. Maybe the coexistence of these disorder aggravates your condition and decreases the treatment efficiency. You can try a behavioral or medication treatment for your mood disorder. I hope it'll improve your feeling.

  • Tom1991


    I feel your pain... I suffer from migraines and depression and It took me a while to realize some treatments can really change our day, I've had a good experience with daily Effexor. Good luck! I'm here for you.

  • hammy1217


    Hi sparklez 💕 yes I feel you! I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on a couple different meds like abilify and geodon to help with mood swings but my migraines got terrible so much so that they literally disarmed me I was going through high school missing so much I barely passed. Either I was catatonic (I'm bipolar 1 so I have the paranoia/voices etc), crying all the time, drowsy, dizzy with vertigo and aura, or in bed. I finally switched psych doctors and was able to get an as·needed anxiety med, old school antidepressant aka low dose Prozac and topamax. It's three meds instead of 1, but at least I can function.

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