Hey all, I need to rant about an experience I had today with my new manager. If you would like to skip ahead, my question(s) for discussion is - has anyone ever had a manager that has made you feel like your condition wasn't important and that your health wasn't important? What did you do? Is there advice for me that you have if you've experienced something similar?

As backstory, I called out of work for today yesterday due to me being sick. Yesterday I had been unable to walk at all due to how weak I felt and I had to lean a lot literally on my partner for support. So I called out for today because I knew that I would not do well and I feel like utter crap, hoping today could be a day of recovery.
This morning I get a call from my manager stating that they understood that I called out due to being ill, but that they really needed to have someone come in and cover because crap was hitting the fan at work and that "it would be great if you could still come in." Think of the movie "Office Space." When I explained to them the state that I was in and it would be really difficult for me to do anything, the manager stated that "Well we really need you and nobody else is able to" then started to list off other coworkers situations that are preventing them from working, as if to guilt trip me into coming in because other people have it "worse."
At the end of the day I told them how they made me feel as a worker and how I felt like my condition/health/happiness was put aside just for the benefit of the company. I have never had an experience like this where I felt so dismissed about my health and happiness. (That conversation went nowhere).

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  • cometbites


    I absolutely have had a boss that both completely doesn't understand my condition (compared my immune deficiency to aids constantly) and when I would call out she'd guilt me constantly saying she'd wish I'd just come in bc my coworker couldn't. The best thing I did was not let the guilting get to me and say that I wish I could come in too but I just could not. I also ended up quitting that job because she was terrible and that helped tremendously but I totally understand if you need to keep the job for money/enjoy it. If you already have explained your condition in detail and explained the toll it takes on you (physically and mentally) I'd just try not to let the guilting get to you because they don't live in your body and don't know what it's like.

  • Sparkie


    Thank you for sharing your experience. That sounds as if it was stressful and difficult to go through. I found out through the grapevine that my company offers a form that myself and my doctor can fill out that basically states that I can't be fired for calling out sick because of my condition. I requested she start the process for that form after the conversation that we had. It saddens me that it is necessary to do so and that people can be so inconsiderate.

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