I got diagnosed with endometriosis last month. I was still 17 then. They don't do surgery until 21, according to my gyn. I'm 18 now. The treatment is birth control. I have to take pills because I'm a big girl. The other options are ineffective on people overweight. I have had regular periods since my first one ever. Five days once a month. No spotting or anything irregular. After starting birth control for a month, roughly five days of the month was I blood free. I haven't had any real relief of the pain. Not to mention the extreme mood swings I've had.
What do I do? I hate this.

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  • someoneslover


    While bleeding, I feel so weak. I'm a very strong person, but I just struggle to do easy tasks now. I have constant migraines. I'm struggling to be happy.

  • Belugabear


    So you were given a LOT of misinformation, message me and I can share a bunch of resources! My first endo surgery was at 19, and I am overweight. I’m happy to help!!!

  • Seikrei


    I agree you were given an insane amount of misinformation. Nancy's Nook on Facebook is an incredible information based group(not discussion based) that has a ton of wonderful resources. I highly recommend. Also feel free to message me! Been dealing with endo and some associated problems for about 12 years now

  • 100Percent_K


    That’s a bunch of misinformation. Look up Nancy’s Nook endo education page on Facebook.

  • Sharkie_Girl


    Ive never heard it said that certain bc wont work if you weigh more! Thats bs, id ask your doc to look into nexplanon, is basically erradocates your period for 3 years. 💕 i know how you feel with the pills not helping the pain.

  • Mayflower22


    I hear you on the birth control. It is more trouble than it's worth I think. I tend to bleed more whilst on it too.

  • Cert


    I'm so glad you guys said that I read that and I'm a big girl and I'm like what. No honey they gave you the wrong information. This is why these sites are so important!! I had mine when I was 19 years old and trust me a big girl at that.

  • Cert


    I am in bc to keep it from coming back but I'm 28 now and I think its coming back.

  • StormyGirl89


    I was diagnosed at 16 at the time they said I couldn't do anything but take birth control for the pain until I was 24 or had a kid of each gender I'm 33 now and they still won't do anything but luckily the IUD I had placed last year helps a bit

  • amberlee


    ask for and about orilissa, puts your ovaries to sleep and helps w endo pain

  • Paisley85


    Have you tried Lupron? Also, please, PLEASE really think about this. Nobody could tell me otherwise at your age either. I am miserable. So many health conditions have popped up in my 30s due to hysterectomy at 21. Just please do a ton of research first. Hugs

  • Schmetterlinge


    I was diagnosed verbally a while ago after many many battles and after speaking to so many doctors, but I didn't get a written diagnosis until my surgery a month ago (I turned 19 yesterday). Stay strong. We're all in this boat together x

  • RainbowKai


    Honestly most of that is wrong. I had surgery at 13 while overweight. Dr.Yang in St. Louis is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. He will do an online consult for very little money.

    • someoneslover


      Do you know if he accepts insurances? STL is within twenty minutes of me

  • OrcKilla


    Please find a different doctor and make sure they’re an endo specialist 💕

  • Em05xx


    I do not reccomend using the mini pill ad progesterone can make endo much worse!! I was on this and experienced awful mental side effects. Yasmin helps me with pain if you would like to try that

    • 100Percent_K


      there is no evidence to support that progesterone makes the disease itself worse.

  • Blue2311


    Hi I got diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 16 I’m now almost 18. I’m in a very similar situation. I’ve had two surgeries(one to find it and another to remove the tissue). I’ve tried various birth controls and I’ve had a coil inserted and I’ve tried so many different pills to try and manage the pain. I’ve been practically bed bound for over a year and a half now but it’s not gotten any better. I’ve got my first round of hydrotherapy tomorrow so I’m hoping that helps (I struggle with walking now due to the pain so I often need mobility aids). If you would like to talk about it please reach out I love to talk to someone else who has a very similar situation to me. I hope you can find some relief from your pain soon :)

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