you ever hear a friend complain about another friend and wonder, if that's how she talks about her when she's not here, what the hell does she say about me?

idk, maybe I'm naive and afraid of conflict. no, I know I'm both of those. still hurts.

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  • Viynyl


    I wonder this ALL OF THE TIME. I used to have a friend that talked trash about everyone to me and I've always wondered if they talk/talked about me that way, it can be very consuming if I think about it too long

  • Downtown_Surround


    This is me ALL THE TIME, especially today

  • AriJuda


    idk if it's like, for so long any kind of conflict with friends destroyed me, so I just stopped caring? or lowered my standards I guess? like my roommate just moved out and she still has some stuff here, and my other roommate and my grandma are pissed about it, but I couldn't care less 🤷🏼

  • AriJuda


    I'm affected very little by having these items in my house, why should I be mad? plus she has depression, ADHD, adjustment disorder, and a spatial reasoning disorder, of course moving out is hard for her! I'm sure she struggles to understand how much stuff there is and how much can fit in her car.

  • MeeB333


    From my own experience, I’d have to say that it is probably almost always the case that “friends” like these are doing the exact same thing behind your back, especially if there are any common acquaintances &/or “friends” between you two... Honestly, if this is how they handle conflict, by gossiping and being petty & two-faced, then you can likely guarantee that this is how they talk about U, too, &, in my humble opinion, it really just is not worth it to remain “friends” with people like this… I would 100% rather be alone and completely friendless, than deal with people who I can not trust. I had a “friend” like this, who I had to cut ties with because it was so clear, after an incident where her made up nonsense about me got back to me, that she simply did not care for & respect me at all in the same way that I did for her. I had made excuses for her countless times before this, but her fabricated fiction showed her true lack of concern for my wellbeing, and it was better to cut ties with her, rather than to stay stuck in a pointless “friendship,” where I just knew this person could not be trusted. Hated high school the 1st time around & I don’t ever want or need to feel like this again, so I have dropped a few people over the years for this very reason. That 1 girl was super negative & petty, & honestly not too bright/ditzy, so it was really exhausting to deal with her sh*t, anyway. Once word got back to me that I’d been the subject of her nonsense, though, it was the last straw, & I realized that I was FAR BETTER OFF not having people like this in my life. My time & energy are extremely limited, so I don’t need to waste them on some1 who doesn’t deserve either. Just a word of advice. Your assumptions and instincts are probably right. If you don’t want to cut them off 100%, please, at least be careful about & guarded with whatever information U choose to share with them, as it is highly probable that they will NOT keep this info to themselves. People like this are like emotional parasites, & I think it’s better to be your own best friend & know when it’s more wise to let people go for your own good, instead of feeling obligated, due to shared history, to just continue socializing with people who are not concerned with your best interest. ~ Friendship is a privilege, so don’t commit your loyalty to anyone who has none for you… Hope that this helps! 😊 Good Luck!! 🍀

  • EliteLexy


    I don't trust those anymore. Not that I think they are all bad, it's more of a burnout issue for me at this point in life. I have trusted far too many that I should not have.

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