I feel like a failure and let down to my parents

my sister was supposed to start working at her new job tomorrow but she can't drive yet and both of my parents work late- I started get nervous and have a panic attack because I was the only one who could drive her and the place she was going to work is far from our home and I just can't drive her , I'm too afraid- and now she's getting a different job that's closer. I feel like a let down to everyone in my family for having panic disorderand social anxiety.

I feel like giving up everything because I can't even do the simplest things without having a anxiety attack. I just need help on how to overcome this fear of leaving my home and just live life normaly

Panic Disorder

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  • Berwin


    What you have is Agoraphobia. It sucks. The best thing you can do (my sis has it and I helped her) is to slowly get yourself used to being in places you are uncomfortable with. Bring a safe person, someone you trust with your life, and take it slow. Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. Kling to that person as much as you have to

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