How is everyone doing with the weathers that’s rolling through the states? I know it’s sent me into a flare up. I hope you’re faring better!

Joint pain

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Samsambinks


    I’ve been sleeping soooooo much

  • dlmlap


    Same, luckily it’s not chaos yet where I live but the cold seems to be making me more stiff and weak overall. :/

  • Tinkerbell


    The cold weather definitely increases my joint pain, so the key for me is warm clothing. I also try to maintain my exercise routine, despite the weather. It keeps my joints flexible and less painful.

  • BeverlyMarch


    Im so fatigued and the pain & stiffness are bad. Plus I am having hot flashes. Im either freezing or roasting and there is no in between.

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